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    產品詳情Product detail

    DLDX-高效型 單片高速全自動釘箱糊箱一體機

    發布日期:2019-11-15 14:19:59 訪問次數:1610

    DLDX-高效型 單片高速全自動釘箱糊箱一體機




    Local reatures

    This type of nail box nails are used in Europe,thd most widely used swing nail head,the company more than 10 years of experience in the manufacture of nail boxes based on china industry standards.Nail head nail nail/1000 up to the hightes .This machine can nail single nail,double nails,strengthen nails,can paste can nail,also can paste the nail,can meet the diverse needs of different products.

    The control system of the machine adopts intelligent module design, the size of the input box can automatically adjust the size,without manual adustment.And has a strong memory fuction,can store production orders,thd next single production,as long as a single number,thd reset key parts can be adjuster position.

    Truly achieve one click intelligent adjustment.

    The machine has the characteristics of high speed,high precision,simple operation and high intelligence.Can adapt to the msaa production of thd box,but also can satisfy the many varieties of small batch producttion of paper packaging carton,is the enterprise to improve production efficiency,ensure the quality of producttion,realize the carton need intelligent producttion.

    高效性B型機 DLDX-2000B DLDX-2400B
    外形尺寸 糊箱Glue box 13×3.6×2.4 14×4.0×2.4
    DIMENSION(M) 釘箱 Stitch box 18×3.6×2.4 18×4.0×2.4
    機器重量 糊箱Glue box 15 16
    WEIGHT(TONS) 釘箱 Stitch box 19 20
    總功率 糊箱 Glue Box 26 36
    POWER(KW) 釘箱Stitch box 52 52